Hats Off to RJ

RJ gets interviewedRJ has been the heart of our PA blog for the past year. She not only keeps you up to date on the events in PA, but national events as well. All this, teaching and managing a llama farm! She organized the team to blog different events at PETE&C so you can have notes from each session. I personally loved that idea! Now I have information that I can digest from the whole day! Thank you RJ for all of your work on the PA blog and keeping us all on task! The photo is RJ being interviewed by a videographer from Discovery. He filmed many events from the day.


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  1. Meg Griffin said:

    Well said Robin! RJ does an amazing job of multitasking during events and amazes me as she writes, uploads photos, and comments!! PA and the DEN are lucky to have her!

  2. RJ Stangherlin said:

    You all humble me; we are a team. It was so dear of you to post this; such a surprise because I have been ill and out of school a week. A special thank you to Robin for this post,and to Joe and Traci–it’s why we get such great coverage at events.

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