Spring Training for MLB and the NY DEN

Just as the MLB gets off to another season of spring training, you too can have the opportunity to sharpen your technology skills with a bit of Spring training yourself at , where else, but the National Baseball Hall of Fame .

When: Saturday, March 20 8:30-2:30
Where: Cooperstown, NY
Why: Learning, Collaboration and FUN

This DEN Spring Training will give you an opportunity to connect with a like-minded community of educators and learn more about DE Streaming. There will be session presentations on how to integrate DE Streaming into your classrooms to peak the interest of your connected learners! Topics will cover everything from the DE Streaming basics to how to use powerful digital storytelling tools to excite and engage your students. Not only will you have the opportunity to attend great training sessions with this event, but you will also get access to explore the Hall of Fame museum after lunch! Did I mention… You get breakfast and lunch too! The NY DEN is proud to have you join us for this exciting event!

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Make the day a “Home Run” by joining the NY DEN Leadership Council, our NY DEN Regional Manager and a number of other educators from around the state for a terrific day of baseball and technology.


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