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Love that picture! The information below is outdated, but the image of the man is spot on. Matt “Mojo” Monjan is reprising his Bend It…BreakIt…Bust It Loose ~ 10 Ways DE Streaming Will Change the Way You Teach by popular demand. You might wonder why we are covering this presentation when Patti Duncan did such a great job the first time at PETE&C. And the answer is…that Plurk creates great conversations about what is being delivered like any good back channel, but this post hopes to be more informational.

For those of you who do not know Matt, he is a Director of Account Management for Discovery Education (this time I got the title right) and our state is one under his helpful umbrella. At PETE&C, our Discovery Directors are always busy, putting in a very full day. But Matt took time out to fix a problem in my DE account. His fingers few fast across the keyboard, and even if I could have followed him, what he did lost me from the getgo. Within 5 minutes, he resolved a problem I have had since September. So, thanks a bunch, Matt!

With 5 minutes and counting till the webinar’s start, I’m sharing A Film on the Fly entry (a mobile phone video challenge) by Steve Dembo and Matt Monjan. Special thanks to Jennifer Dorman and Bridget Belardi. Here’s R U A STAR?

Getting Started and R U A STAR information. Matt graciously shared his presentation.

The number 1 way to build interest with Discoverystreaming in teaching students is video segments. The beauty of video segments is that they can be streamed, downloaded, and added to PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. Discovery streaming also has thousands of audio files as well, including songs, sound effects, and speeches. Again, audio from Discoverystreaming has the same use capabilities. You can download and listen to the speech while viewing the speech transcript. Very cool. Even better, you can take the speech words and go to Wordle which will analyze the speech and create a visual image. Now you can see the speech in a visual way and catch the main idea of the speech. The following idea came from Jen Dorman. The New York Times has created clouds of all the presidents’ inaugural speeches. You could take each inaugural cloud and compare and contrast the contextual language to all the other presidents. So, how does the word union get used contextually by the presidents.

If you have Streaming Plus, Discovery has core subject games, math interactives (over 10,000) with teachers explaining math concepts, and 21,ooo images.. In the Plus package you also get the the Life series and double your videos. Whether you have Plus or not, all images, videos, and audios come with complete citations for MLA, Chicago Style, and APA, something students will really love. Matt cited how Jeremy Davis, a teacher, uses an image of a shark’s open mouth and teaches math and he reveals more of the image and zooms in closer. Now you see top and bottom row teeth and animated and engaged students. Non-linear presentations like Prezi engage students, and all the Discoverystreaming features integrate seamlessly.

In the Teacher Center you have a calendar that has Streaming events and resources chunked. You have lesson plans, the Atlas (one of my favorite tools), and it just got better. You can assign the Atlas to your students, and while I like Google Earth, this tool has so many better features. If you become a fan of Discovery Student Adventures on Facebook, you will be entered in a drawing for Italy or Greece. So you get not only get to see the world virtually but in real life. Inside the Teacher Center, you also have STEM Connect, which really promotes its acronym with a wealth of resources that are both digital and hands-on. Then there’s a Continuity of Learning designed when H1N1 was at its peak and Discovery created K-12 for core subjects. And there is so much more. Discovery has a privacy protection for students under 13 where a letter goes home to parents. My Builder tools are one of the best features for assigning content for your students. This summer, Discovery is improving the Builders; in the writing areas, teachers will be able to comment, and the overall look will be “slicker.” They are also improving how you bulk add students and when they graduate, Discovery will remove them. You can populate your own classes, or Discovery will populate them if you call 1-800-323-9084 and then press 1. It’s that easy.

In the My DE section, there are amazing resources, microsites that have been developed. For example, Web 20.10, which teacher internet safety as well. This microsite is really cool–I love it. But as cool as Web 2.0 is, copyright is an issue. If you go to Streaming and type in Web 2.0, you will find videos that explain Web 2.0 and what copyright means in the 21st century, as well as the impact on industries today. Discoverystreaming can be edited and you can use a green screen to insert your students inside a Discovery video. Matt is doing a session on this coming soon called Green Screen. You will want to attend.

The Professional Development Center is being revamped; if you check on Explore you will see a video of how things are done, and eventually there will be a link for the Green Screen. Matt has been beyond busy and traveling so much and we thank him for reprising his PETE&C presentation with us.

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