PBS Teachers Innovation Awards: Ends March 12

I wanted to share the following email and link I received from PBS teachers. Quick deadline, but good rewards for winners!

“Dear PBS Teacher,

PBS Teachers salutes you and your colleagues for your limitless creativity, endless enthusiasm and ongoing innovation in the classroom.

It is YOUR inventive thinking that continuously fuels, inspires and engages young minds daily. We would like to recognize and reward you by introducing the PBS Teachers Innovation Awards.

Entry is quick and easy, but time is running out. The contest ends March 12, so please enter now at www.pbs.org/teachers/innovators!

I am also pleased to announce that the top 10 PBS Teachers Innovation Awards winners will also receive the latest version of the SMART BoardTM Interactive Whiteboard System.

We thank you for your creativity in the classroom and for inspiring us to create high-quality programs and local services that we hope make your work a little bit easier.

Rob Lippincott
Senior Vice President of Education”


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