Tackling Test Stress Tip 4: Fuel Your Mind

This tip is fairly well known, but should not be ignored. We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Sometimes, students skip breakfast because they’re sleepy, they’re running late, or they’re just not hungry. Be sure your students know to eat a healthy breakfast and avoid excessively stimulating foods, such as those containing caffeine or sugar, on the day of a test. A healthy breakfast should contain some protein. Low fat meats, eggs, and milk are good sources of protein. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruits are a good source of fiber. A healthy breakfast should contain some fiber.

An example of a healthy breakfast that can help fuel students’ minds might be something simple like an egg, a bowl of whole grain cereal with low fat milk, and some blueberries.

Encourage students to avoid away from the sugary cereals because they are digested quickly and will leave students hungry and tired in a couple of hours.

You can also keep a basket of fruits like apples and bananas in your classroom for students who may not have gotten a good breakfast.

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  1. Maria Teresa Crabb said:

    Huh, very, very important to take care of this before to come to a big exam!! In Spanish we say “Mente sana en cuerpo sano” (Healthy mind in healthy body); and this is scientifically proved.

  2. Nicole Rock said:

    I teach middle school for a virtual school where our parents act as the “learning coach” for their students. The only time during our school year where they have to attend class in person is during state testing. We have literally no control over what they fuel their minds with prior to showing up at our testing sites. I think it is critical for our teachers to message the importance of eating right during testing week. Students are not allowed to bring snacks to testing sites as well. As teachers, our hands are tied in a way. I’ll be passing along this post to the parents in my class so that they are well aware of the importance of the choices they make that week.

  3. Jennifer Thoman said:

    Our school serves doughnuts to the students and it bothers me. I wish they would serve something healthier because it tends to make the students tired about half-way though.

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