CUE DEN Stars Present….7×7 Cool TOOLS


1. Uses of Smart Phones~Alice Mercer

  1. Photograph your students
  2. Video your students doing something great!
  3. Sync your calendar/s
  4. Configure all your email accounts
  5. Use EverNote to stay organized

2. Using Photostory but Don’t Forget the Citations~Diana Kenney

  • Download PhotoStory
  • Create and organize folder for images obtained from DE Streaming
  • Copy image Description and Citation~Paste into word processing program
  • Create a black slide using PowerPoint or other presentation software.
  • Save slide as .jpg
  • Add black image to the end of PhotoStory. Copy all citations to this slide. Change font color to white. Voila~ your sources are cited!
  • Create PS DVD’s  with Sonic Software
  • KnightCite Citation Service

3. Blabbarize with Sarah Johangiry and Kerri Campbell

Due to maintenance on the Blabberize site Sarah and Kerri  used their quick- thinking teacher skills and used a short YouTube tutorial to introduce the audience to this F-U-N teaching tool and attention getting ed-tech tool.

4. Wallwisher~Roxanne Clement & Bev Mathieson

Wallwisher is an online notice board maker and collaboration tool! Check out how Roxanne is using this innovative tool with her 2nd grade students to find out what they want to know about penguins!

5.  Animoto~Jeremy Davis

  • Animoto~Catch your student’s attention by creating fun, yet educational videos simply by uploading your images and/or short video clips to Animoto.
  • Go to Jeremy’s wiki site to embed many web 2.0 tools.
  • Select the Animoto tab in the navigation bar to see examples of using Animoto for educational purposes.
  • Add “catchy tunes” to your project to peak your student’s interest-  I personally liked the comedic touch he used by using the Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire for his Animoto film on volcanoes! Remember, don’t go swimming in a lava river!

6.  GlogsterEDU~Katie Warren

EDU Glogster is an interactive poster creator. Get 100 free student accounts. Check out how to create a Glogster in 90 seconds.

7. Kahlweiss isn’t simply a digital dropbox, it also allows you to leave voice recorded messages from your cell phone! Imagine, not having to type out instructions for your assignment! You can leave a voice message that will instantly post to that all your students can listen to. Check out Jenny’s  account for examples on how to use this with your class.

***Last, but not least,  Jen Wagner, new DEN STAR for 2 weeks 5 days and 4 hours!

Check out Jen’s creative project site for educators and their students from PreK-6.

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    Love the Penguin work on Wallwisher. GREAT questions! Some very deep thinking kids there.

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