White House Requests Details on 21st Century Education

The White House blog’s topic last week was “Education in Focus” and they posted this question:

What does a 21st century education mean to you?

This is an excellent opportunity for the DEN community to share the power of educational technology and the importance of dedicated funding for educational technology and state leadership in ed tech for a 21st Century education!

Details on how to provide input are available at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2010/03/02/white-house-asks-0


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One Comment;

  1. Andrew Zemaitis said:

    I believe that the 21st century educational focus of our government is to bring technology and its innovation into our public schools. If we are to remain the leaders of the free world, we must provide our students the most sophisticated and cutting-edge educational tools given to any children in the world. Fifty years ago, Sputnik forced the United States government to make a commitment to the sciences and math. Billions of dollars were pumped into these fields at the high school and collegiate level to make sure that we won the ‘space race’. We did. Now, the United States faces an evolving global market where equal sharing of technology has leveled the playing field and U.S. prosperity over the rest of the world is narrowing and the competition is getting tougher. If we focused on the innovation of digital technologies and their applications across the economic board, the U.S. could very well remain the leader in that global economy. Globalization is the new Sputnik. Our students are the key to our success or failure as a society. Are we ready to provide the vision and resources to meet the challenge?

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