Easy Bib – A Free Way to Cite Your Sources

As I read Barb’s post earlier today, I was reminded of Easy Bib, a free online bibliography maker that allows you to create a bibliography almost painlessly.  The free version cites the sources in MLA format.  Once you’ve entered your sources, you can export the bibliography in RTF or MS Word format.  This has saved me countless hours when I’ve needed to create a quick bibliography for research I’ve been doing.  I’ve also used it with middle school and high school students.  It is critical that we keep teaching our students the importance of citing their sources.  Here’s an easy way to do that.  Check it out at:  http://www.easybib.com/.  

If MLA format doesn’t work for you, for $14.99/year you can get Easy Bib Pro which allows you to switch from MLA to APA to Chicago/Turabian formatting depending on your needs.  Schools and libraries can also subscribe for an annual subscription fee that starts at $150/year.     


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