Simple F/X 2010.1 "30 Seconds"


It’s been two weeks since I presented at our late winter Illinois edtech conference and I promised to post some updated tips on creating simple special effects with your students for their videos. Since I’m still trying to organize and condense my thoughts, I thought I’d offer up this very creative effect from elementary art teacher, Tricia Fuglestad. Here’s how she got the “60 Minutes” look for her student news show using Apple’s Keynote, Preview and iMovie ’09. With a little digging you can achieve the same end with higher level video editing programs on both the Mac and PC.

First, Tricia created a slide in Keynote and added a framed box. She then exported the slide as a picture and opened it in Preview where she turned inside the frame into an alpha channel (transparent) area (you can actually do that in the newest version of Keynote too). She basically just cut a hole in the frame and turned it into a window. Back in Keynote she imported a movie and then imported/laid the former slide with a window over that. With most of the movie masked out, Tricia adds a transparent text box for the logo and places that onto what’s still visible of the movie. Now that whole Keynote presentation (1 slide) gets exported as a movie and imported into iMovie ’09. She then places a green screen clip of the host on top of that and voilà! Hollywood and big networks, eat your hearts out!

You can see more of Tricia and her students’ creative work and pick up even more tips on her Vimeo page and her Dryden School page.


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