Dragon Dictation for iPod Touch and iPhone

At last week’s EASTCONN Regional Tech Council meeting colleague Marji Roy of the Ashford Public Schools passed on a wonderful app for iPod Touch and iPhone.  The folks from Nuance who make the PC speech to type program, Dragon Naturally Speaking, have a free app for the iPod Touch/iPhone, Dragon Dictation.  The app launches and you record your voice by talking.  Dragon Dictation converts to speech to text. It uses copy and paste to move the text to other apps. You switch over to an app like email and paste in the converted speech.  On a device that uses a built-in microphone, the speech recognition is remarkable. And best of all it is free!


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  1. jennifer biggs said:

    This one is a really great app! This app can really be very helpful especially for those who are driving or is very busy and don’t have the time to hold the phone and type in the message. In addition to this, it can also be helpful for people who find the touch screen a bit difficult to use.

  2. Howard Martin said:

    I had a couple of teachers tell me that they were using Dragon Dictation with students. The capture worked pretty well with a student who was temporarily one-armed. And yes, best of all, it’s free! 😉

  3. Katie Warren said:

    What an awesome app. This could be really effective for special ed use as well. Students with iPod class or 1-to-1 or programs could benefit from this, too. I’ve added it to my iPhone just to test it myself. Thanks.

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