St. Patrick's Day

Last year, I blogged here about classroom resources for St. Patrick’s Day, which in March 17th. I will not copy and paste that old post. That is just corny. This afternoon, two of my 7th grade students came by my office to give me an update. They are not in a formal class, but they are interested in animation. My students used GoAnimation several years ago and I remember how much fun the high school seniors had creating projects. The two 7th graders are self motivated learners. I challenged them to create an animation that would teach a mathematics concept and then come into a classroom and teach their fellow students how to animate their own– (peer teaching?)

In their first draft, I noticed that the text really did not tell a story. After questioning them for a couple of minutes, they confessed to just copying and pasting the text from their online textbook into the animation. I told the students that is was not acceptable. Lesson learned- storyboarding and scripts are still something that students must complete prior to creating a GoAnimation. They had not planned anything. Just started changing the characters and background.  In our next session, things will be different.

They may not like having to think and plan their animation, but I am sure that famous animators know all about the hard work behind a successful cartoon. They must think a wee man with a green hat magically creates successful and effective lessons. They are learning…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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