Spring into action

Wow! It finally feels like spring, and now it is time to come out of hibernation with some great activities to put a spring in your teaching. Discovery is planning a lot of events to help motivate you this month.

Spring into action with these awesome events:

Spring Training kicks off March 20 to May 21

Three Ways to Play

  • Calculate your DEN Activity Level (DAL)
  • Host a Spring Training event and earn a set of three DEN recycling bags for your classroom
  • Upload a resource to the DEN Educator Resources library and earn a “Beyond the Textbook” t-shirt

Spring Virtual Conference 2010: Connect the Thoughts
April 24, 2010
9 AM to 4 PM ET
Click here to register for the virtual sessions.

Remember to register for the summer institute and the STEM training in Boston this summer.

The Summer Institute is July 18- 23 and the deadline for applications is April 12.
The Stem Institute takes place August 1-6, 2010.

Teachers will be listening and learning from
leading scientists, thought-
leaders, personalities and innovators
whose work across STEM disciplines
shape and define our world today.
The deadline to apply is April 16, so
don’t wait!

Last of all, Spring is a great time to think of different ways to enhance your teaching.  I am enhancing my teaching by going digital for the rest of the year. This past week I kicked off a project based learning activity using the assignment builder on Discovery Streaming. I have to say if you haven’t tried assignment builder than you are missing the one tool that will truly enhance your teaching and make going digital incredibly easy.

I put all of my instructions, websites, and resources in the assignment builder and then my students use the assignment to work on their project from home, the library or even from their phone. Now my students can collaborate when they have the time, not just in class.  Assignment builder also ensures that my students don’t waste time with searching for websites. In the website instructions, I tell students to use only the websites urls, provided in the assignment, when they are at school. The students are not distracted by unstructured searching, and accomplish a lot more writing and research during their class time. Going digital means that teachers will have to be careful to scaffold and facilitate the learning so that time is not wasted and all standards can still be taught by the end of the year.  Students can free search on their own time, but at school selecting a number of quality websites for your students is much more productive.  Stay tuned as Bekka and I add even more ideas for enhancing digital learning.

Spring is here, enjoy it and share your joy of teaching and learning through some of the great DEN events and Den resources that are at your disposal.


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