DEN Spring Training 2010

pitcherWelcome to DEN Spring Training 2010!  From now until May 21st STAR Discovery Educators have the opportunity to show how active they are in the DEN.  Below are twenty challenges that test whether you are still working your way up from the Grapefruit League or if you are ready for Cooperstown.

Take a look and then calculate your own DEN Activity Level (DAL) using the following formula.

Add up the total number of STARs earned and divide by 42.  Multiply this number by 23.  The result is your DAL.

Hall of Famer
Major Leaguer
Minor Leaguer

Minor League
(1 STAR each, possible 6 STARs)

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Major League
(2 STARs each, possible 12 STARs)

Add a STAR badge to your blog, website or Twitter
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Take the “It’s 21 Just Pass” quiz

Explore one of the eBooks or virtual labs on the Siemens We Can Change the World website

Check out the student projects on the Discovery Education Wilkes University Instructional Media Program site or drop by the Instructional Media blog

Design the car of the future using the new virtual design lab

Encourage a colleague to apply to become a STAR Discovery Educator

(3 STARs each, possible 12 STARs)

Have 10 colleagues sign up to win a wireless lab by May 3, 2010

Watch all five videos of Hall and Steve at Web 20.10

Attend a webinar and get a screenshot of yourself saying that
you’re proud to be a STAR

Nominate a student for the Young Scientist Challenge

Hall of Fame
(4 STARs each, possible 12 STARs)

Apply, or get a colleague to apply, for the Siemens STEM Institute by April 16, 2010

Comment on at least one post on every Leadership Council blog

Tell us how being a member of the DEN community translates to having a positive impact on your students.

Two Special Spring Training Signing Bonuses

  1. After you calculate your DAL host an event on your home field and share some of the 20 challenges with your teammates.  You don’t have to share them all, but your DEN coaches certainly would be impressed if you did. Then report your DEN Spring Training event and receive a set of three DEN recycling bags perfect for creating a recycling station in your classroom.
  2. Pad your stats by uploading at least one resource to the DEN Educator Resources library.  Tell us what you uploaded, give us your uniform size and we’ll send you a Discovery Education “Beyond the Textbook” t-shirt.

Report your event and/or resource at:

Download the DEN Spring Training 2010 flyer here.

Or, let the NY DEN LC get you started with Spring Training straight from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.



  1. Carol Miller said:

    Lance this years Spring Training is GREAT. I loved looking at the student projects from the DE Wilkes program I am sharing a couple of them. Thanks for the challenges.

  2. Betsy Ruffin said:

    One question on the blog on LC posts item: what is you ARE on the LC blog team and thus have posted on a blog regularly? I think that should count somehow! ;-D

  3. Lisa McCulloch said:

    Have enjoyed doing Spring Training. However, how do you verify points earned? Honor system?
    Thanks for all the neat ideas. Just wish I had more time!

  4. Jen Brinson said:

    Lance – Great idea for the Spring Training. I could really see both where I do get the “winning edge” and where I could access and use additional resources.

    I agree with Betsy – we should get “points” for writing a blog entry for one of the LC blogs…. jk.

    I enjoyed the LIFE premier tremendously – thank you again for a great night with my fellow LC members and STARS!

  5. Dawn Huston said:

    Had a great time at the New York Spring Training event. Copperstown was the perfect location. I enjoyed contributing to the making of the video too. Are you DEN Major League!

  6. Tracy said:

    You’ve done it again, DEN! This was a great way to explore new and exciting Discovery resources. I’ve shared many of these already and can’t wait to share more!

  7. Susan said:

    How can the stats be higher than 23 if the calculations of total possible points are 42 possible divided by 42 times 23 = 23. Hmmmm curious if math is being done correctly 🙂

  8. Judy Williams said:

    OK Lance, this has been great fun! I especially enjoyed doing the LC blogs from each of the states. I really learned alot about what is happening across the nation. But I must say, I am proud to be a California DEN STAR!

  9. Norma Jean Rockwell said:

    I am impressed how colleagues are beginning to embrace DEN! I have been quietly sharing, and now that several were able to attend a workshop, the excitement has carried over into many classrooms. Thanks!

  10. Betsy said:

    Susan, well, I don’t know about the rest, but there is a reason I never taught math above 5th grade.


  11. Betsy said:

    Okay, third time is the charm. I looked again at formula. I have 22 not 23.

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