Find a Way to Get Kids to Tune in to “Life”

I loved the Planet Earth series so much I bought the DVDs for basically everyone in my family and said, “You must watch this!” So, I am excited that the new 11-part series Life premieres Sunday. My DVR is already set! Well, Valerie Strauss who writes on educational topics for The Washington Post shares my enthusiasm it seems! The title of her post on The Answer Sheet (A survival guide for parents) today is “Everybody: Watch Discovery’s new ‘Life’ series.” In the article, she says, “I’ve seen some footage and I’ll say this to science teachers and parents: Find a way to get kids to tune in. Make it an assignment. Bribe ’em. Enjoy it with them. Whatever. Just watch.” Here’s a link to the article.

To make it easier to find a way to get kids to tune in, here’s some good info for you!

  • Life is being simulcast on 6 channels.
  • The series airs Sundays at 8 & 9 PM e/p starting March 21 (Here’s the episode guide.)
  • Look for Live tweets during it from @lifeondiscovery.
  • Episodes will be in DEstreaming Plus and DE Science Middle School on Monday morning after they air.

Find a way to share this powerful series with your students/children!


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  1. Lynn said:

    I agree that this series is outstanding. How do you integrate it into your curriculum. Seems like there are so many possibilities.

  2. Cathy Minaudo said:

    The series could open up a world of writing prompts and blogging possibilities. If a school is fortunate to have a DE Streaming account (I’m working on my administration), I’m sure the teaching materials and ideas will be excellent.

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