DEN Apple Store Event a Big Success!

dscn0146.JPGToday the TN DEN Leadership Council hosted an event at two Apple stores, one in Germantown and the other in Knoxville.  It is fantastic to finally have LC members at both ends of this very wide state!

Germantown EventBoth events offered basic training in iMovie 09.  Then, personalized instruction was offered from the Apple store staff as teachers practiced what they learned on the Macs provided at the store.  After the training, teachers were introduced (or re-introduced) to the DEN and the benefits of becoming STAR Discovery Educators.


At the Knoxville event the teachers moved to Barnes & Noble for a more in-depth look at the DEN and all the wonderful assets Discovery Streaming has to offer.

The pictures posted today are from the Germantown event.  We owe a special thanks to Gail Braddock for coordinating the training.  The video below was made by shooting pictures and video clips at the Knoxville event and then put into iMovie 09 as a homework assignment for Tim!  Thanks to Karla and Carole for coordinating our Knoxville location.  The TN DEN LC and the teachers of TN rock!


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  1. Diana Kenney said:

    I concur with Lee’s comments…Tennessee has officially raised the bar for ALL the DEN LC’s!

    Good on ya!

  2. Teryl Magee said:

    We had a ton of fun! Thanks, to both of you; I’m not sure that you really know how much that means to the entire team.

  3. Tracy said:

    I like your idea of having an event at the apple store. Maybe be can collaborate to have an accross the country event at the apple stores!

  4. Teryl Magee said:

    Tracy, you’re reading my mind! Our next step in across the entire state if we get Lance’s approval (wink, wink, Lance!). After that watch out world! Here we come!!

  5. Karen Vogelsang said:

    The event was a lot of fun! And apple made some money off of me as I finally bought a mac book : ) The best part for me though was meeting another primary grade teacher who uses a lot of tech ideas with her little ones – something I don’t find too often with primary grade teachers! We exchanged e-mails to share ideas – collaboration is so cool!

    Thanks again!

  6. Timothy Klusak said:

    Great idea to event hold this event at an apple store. iMovie training is a nice hook to get people in the store.

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