A Home Run at the Hall of Fame!

hallwebsmall.JPGYesterday the NY DEN LC hosted an event at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  It was a spectacular success. Approximately 25 teachers from around the region attended a morning workshop filled with learning, networking, resource gathering, food, discovery prizes and fun!

smallaudienceweb1.JPGThe first batter up was Nancy Sharoff presenting the keynote about Web 3.o and Visual Literacy. Does a hot dog really look like a fan? Post a comment directed to Nancy and I’m sure she explain why it certainly can.

Next up, Jeanine Shields provided a experts overview of DEstreaming and the many extras that go along with it. Who knew there is sooooo much more than just videos in DEstreaming? Many of the participants do now.

With two on base, our Hall of Fame Educational Instructor and Educational Director rallied the participants to recreate a baseball game with announcers, players and fans with kazoos! The crowd went wild!

With bases loaded , Christine Southard, provided ideas and examples of digital stories. small.jpg
She let everyone know how DEstreaming and the DEN can be a sure bet for resources to create and assist with all of your educational digital creations.

Cheers for the DEN NY LC, our regional manager Whitney, Discovery, our friends at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and all those who attended to make our spring training kick off a GRAND SLAM of a day!


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