Discover Summer Institute 2010

DEN heroOne of the best things I have done in my professional career was to attend a Discovery Summer Institute. The professional development was incredibly relevant to what students were needing in the classroom and I learned new tools and new ways to use old tools for instruction. But mostly, I found a network of teachers across the country who were also willing to learn and share what they knew long after the institute was over.

Now is your opportunity to sign up for the 2010 Summer National Institute being held July 18-23rd at Bently University in Massachusetts. Go to to learn more and sign up now!

Maybe you will meet a teacher like Floridian Tom Turner, an enthusiastic teacher with a gift for geocaching (and great hair!). Or maybe an outstanding teacher like Martha Thornburgh in Washington state who shares not only ideas, but examples of student work and projects. You could meet Library Media Specialists like Bridget Belardi in Pittsburgh who actively shares with the DEN through Twitter and her extensive blog.  You may be fortunate to meet someone like Fred Delventhal, a man of many alias who is a constant source of useful tech ideas in this life or your Second Life.  There are many educators in the DEN who promote community through Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, the DEN blogs, email, and much more. Geography is not a limitation on this group’s coast to coast (and beyond) membership!

Go to the link above and learn more about this summer’s Discovery National Institute.  This will be one of those opportunities that won’t regret involved in.


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    Who is this Tom Turner that you speak of? Really though, Howard hits it on the nail in this post. IF you have the opportunity and the means to make it to a Summer Institute please DO SO! Fast paced learning, great networking opportunities and a downright fun time.

    IF you wish for me to share my SUPER S3KR3T hair care philosophies with you, get with Howard and he will put you in contact with me 🙂

  2. Tom Turner said:

    Oh look who decided to stop in and try to be funny?

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