LIFE Begins on Discovery and Discovery Education

In case you missed it, the Life series began on Discovery last night and I must say I thought it was amazing!!  If you are subscriber to Discovery Education streaming Plus or Discovery Education Science Middle School you will be happy to know that both episodes from last night are available for you today.  The first episode is called “Challenges of Life”.  The second episode is called “Reptiles and Amphibians”.  Both episodes have related materials which include teachers guides for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  In addition you will find and “Up Close Guide” and a Writing Prompt already prepared for you.   Next week’s episodes, which will also be available Monday morning, are “Mammals” and “Fish”.  If you would like more resources to go along with the episodes check out the “Life” website, where you will find the previews of upcoming episodes as well as photos from the series, behind the scenes information, an interactive endangered species map,  animal anatomy, and quizzes to go along with episodes.



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  1. Monique Nellis said:

    I did view the first and second episodes with my boys, and we just loved it. I was surprised to run across this post and thrilled at the additional resources. I can’t wait to check them out. Thanks so much!

  2. Ellen Zelinske said:

    This post caught my attention as I just recently watched a few of the Life episodes. My husband was previewing a few of them for his science class and I found them very interesting. I didn’t realize the episodes could be found on Discovery Ed Streaming. I also didn’t know about the “Life” website. Although the content doesn’t fit into my first grade curriculum, I passed the information along to my husband who will surely check the additional resources available for the shows.

  3. Stacey Hostetler said:

    What an interesting set of materials that could expand any classroom activity to the next level. This stuff would be great to incorporate into the classroom if possible. Currently we use a Foss science kit but when time is available using resources like Discovery Education and United Streaming clips would enhance what is taught throught the Foss kit. I’m anxious for my two year old to get more interested into some of these topics. He will love viewing Life and additional sites.

  4. Jennifer Rezk said:

    As a middle school science teacher I am always looking for exiting ways to enhance the curriculum. I think the Life series will be a great asset and the students will really enjoy the learning. I had not previosly known about the website earlier, what a fantastic resource! I love the interactive map and all the fabulous pictures. I am looking forward to using it in the classroom.

  5. Carmella Hughes said:

    These shows are outstanding. They present the information in a sensitive manner. The visuals are spectacular. Thanks for the map resource and link to the Life site. I plan on using this material with my students in the fall.

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