Green Gazelles Are Good!

Do you know about Gazelle? Gazelle is an online recycling service.  The company pays you cash for used electronics (cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, projectors, blu-ray players, digital cameras, and more).  You look up your item in their online data base, describing the condition, the site makes you an offer, and sends you a box. After they receive it and they confirm it is as you describe, you get payment via check or PayPal.  They promise that every item gets an offer, and if the value is zero, they will recycle it responsibly.  They have a No Export/No Landfill policy and promise that any device that could contain personal information is wiped clean. For larger electronic items that they do not accept, they will help hook you up with their network of local recyclers. If you are a charitable organization (like a school) they have a program where you can set up a Gadget Drive where your supporters can send in their recycled materials to Gazelle and your organization gets  100% of the recycled value.

Here is a link to their How It Works video!


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