Tackling Test Stress Tip 18: Play Games

After testing, consider setting up several centers for board games to be played. One of my family’s favorite games is actually a math game. Shut the Box can help students build fluency with addition facts and fact families. It is also fun for all ages! (My elderly parents play it to keep their minds young.)

If your students want more of a challenge, consider having them create their own board games. This could make a really good start for a project-based learning activity too.


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  1. Laurie Howarth said:

    I think games are a wonderful way to reinforce skills. I have never heard of that math game but I am going to look into it. Since I am a reading teacher, I like to use games like Boggle. It is fast and fun and they are constantly looking spellings up in the dictionary which is a skill they need much practice in as well.

  2. Monique Nellis said:

    Usually after testing we try to chill out a little, and go outside. I never even considered playing games. Yes, they would definitely enjoy this. Once a year we have “game day,” where they can bring in their own games. This sounds more structured and is a strong skill reinforcement. Why wait for that one day of the year!

    Some days I after our test, I still need to review for the next day. Playing a game prior to getting started would be wonderful. Come to think of it, maybe I can find or create a game for review. Wow, that would be great.

    Thanks for the insight!

  3. Jason M said:

    Playing games is one of the favorite post test taking activities of my students every year. They love having the opportunity to sit down with some of their friends, unwind and play a game that they enjoy. One of their favorite games every year is a math game called “Greedy”. It is a game that works on probability and the kids always love it. There are numerous games that we play each year and they always help to relieve the stress after a long day of high stress test taking.

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