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The Fall 2009 issue of On Cue, the Journal of the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, has a great article about some of the features that word processing has to help students with editing.  The article is titled “Using Technology to Empower Students as Editors:  Developing a Proofreading System with Hidden Features in Word Processors.” The authors, Justin Reich, Carla Beard, and Thomas Daccord outline how to access features that help students identify examples of passive voice or sentence fragments in their writing.  You can work with students to set the settings you want them to use for their individual work, thus making differentiation easier.   Don’t throw the Fall issue out without finding out how to use some of the features built into your word processing program.


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  1. Terri Stice said:

    This artcile sounds very interesting. I am wondering if this publication is available online. Any additional information you may provide will be greatly appreciated.

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