The Future, Now

I was leafing through the book The Fall of Reach, by Eric Nylund the other day, and I gotta tell you it was pretty scary.

The story exists to explain the video game Halo, where aliens (who by the way have the better weapons) and humans endlessly shoot each other with impossibly infinite supplies of ammo.


Actually the scary part is how close we are to the technology in the book, set way in their future.


It might help to see what part of this future we already have:

#1 They have the iPad.

OK, they call them “CommPads”, but we know they’re iPads. CommPads are always on (they must have the 10 hour-1 month battery life). They use them when they’re not wearing their visored data helmets.


#2 They have most of the free iPhone apps that we have, loaded into their amazing helmets with the head’s-up, illuminated display.


#3 The helmet’s visor shows friends (green dots) and enemies (red dots) on a little map off to the side (that’s Loopt – a free download).


#4 In the center you see data superimposed on your field of vision (that’s Layar – augmented reality, also free).


#5 During training, young soldiers study little videos (actually, holograms) where little figures re-enact historical battles on a huge surface (that’s obviously DEStreamingPlus with the hologram enhancement feature, a wise choice)


#6 There’s even a video feed (ok, that the iPhone; for the iPad, that’s way in the future) that’s bendy so you can look over walls and around corners, especially useful when aliens are shooting at you with those exploding needles they like to use.


#7 Finally, the CommPad (a.k.a. iPad) has hands free with voice pickup (they have bluetooth and that $125 JawBone headset built in). You just tap to talk, after you tell it the frequency to use (Dragon Dictation – free).


So there it is, the FUTURE. Less than 4 days away; unless it’s back ordered.


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