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Seem like we have a lot going on?  Well that’s because we do!  Just so you don’t miss out on anything with all the different things we’ve been announcing, here’s a quick wrap up for you.

Leadership Council Elections:  Last year we started an annual process where any STAR in the community can take the lead with our DEN Leadership Councils.  It’s that time of the year again when our STARs can express interest in staying active as a LC member, joining an existing LC or helping to launch a new LC.  From now until April 30, 2010 you have the opportunity to become part of the DEN Leadership Councils for 2010-2011. Click here to learn more.

DEN Spring Training 2010: From now until May 21st STAR Discovery Educators have the opportunity to show how active they are in the DEN.  There are twenty challenges that test whether you are still working your way up from the Grapefruit League or if you are ready for Cooperstown.  Grab your bat and take up the challenge.  See how many you can complete and then calculate your D.A.L. (DEN Activity Level).  Click here to step up to the plate!

bum055.jpg Spring Virtual Conference 2010: Connect the Thoughts: While we always have an exceptional lineup for our Virtual Conferences, we’re especially excited about the speakers slated to present this year.  DEN Guru Lee Kolbert will kick off the day, with presentations from Dean Shareski, STAR Discovery Educator Carol Anne McGuire, and Christina Asquith.DEN team members Matt, Lindsay and Lance round things off, for one of the most unique days of professional development you’ll find.  Attend online, attend in person, attend in your pajamas if you like!  Click here to register and see what in-person events are available.

Summer Institute 2010: The DEN Summer Institute for 2010 will take place from July 18-23, 2010 at Bentley University in Waltham, MA just twenty minutes west of Boston.  Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with fellow STAR Discovery Educators from all over during an exclusive, intensive, week-long networking and professional development event.  Click here to apply!


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