Tackling Test Stress Tip 20: Show and Tell

One of the simplest most inclusive activities you can do with students of all ages that can relieve stress is host a good old-fashioned show and tell. Ask students to bring in an item that they care about and share a story about it. For a 21st century spin, grab a digital still or video camera and capture great stories from your students. They could also create digital stories themselves with the item they bring in… wouldn’t that be fun and creative?


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  1. Jerome said:

    Why should schools spring for desk top computers when students, basically, bring personal one’s to school every day?
    The more I read, I am realizing this is an issue of planning.

  2. Stacey Hostetler said:

    The show and tell stress reliever tip is a good idea. It really doesn’t matter what age the students are, they get the spotlight for a certain lenght of time and that’s priceless to them.

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