Tackling Test Stress Tip 21: Everybody’s a Comedian

Tomorrow is the first of April, sometimes known as April Fool’s Day. In honor of the day, this test-stress alleviation tip is to host a joke-telling session. After a big test, an activity you might do is encourage your students to find jokes to share (and cite them properly.) You might also give students the time and guidance to create some jokes and share them. This creative writing opportunity could be a great stress reliever.


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  1. Cathy Minaudo said:

    I’ll use the joke idea! It would also be a fun way to start class once or twice a week.
    I’m a media specialist and often start a class with a popular song sing along from a lyrics site where the words are posted along with the music. Corny as it sounds… Recently we sang Midnight Train ..Just a small town girl.. and students in grades 6-12 enjoyed the three minute break!

  2. S.P. said:

    I like your idea. My school decided to get involved in the April Fool’s Day antics too. One of our teachers decided to organize a mix up. The students didn’t know, only the teachers. For one day, each teacher who decided to get involved switched with other teachers and taught their classes for the day. It was fun. The students were a little confused at first. I really liked your idea because it was a way to get the kids involved too.

  3. S.P. said:

    I love how you are getting the students involved. Humor is good medicine. It relieves stress and tension. Great tip!

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