Learn to Grab Your Students’ Attention at LEEF 2010

Harrisburg University in PA is hosting the Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum (LEEF) June 17-18, 2010. LEEF explores how games, simulations, and virtual worlds can be effective tools for enhancing learning.  This event is designed to inspire innovation and is intended for teachers, administrators, curriculum designers, technology integrators, and any learning professional interested in using technology and games to impact learning outcomes.

Michael Cuffe, Vice President of University of Farmers, Farmers Insurance and Jerry Heneghan, Managing Director of Virtual Heroes Division Applied Research Associates are keynoting.

Some of the cool sessions I’d like to check out include:

  • Using Games to Target Children with Health Education
  • Alternative Reality Games for Learning
  • Smart Play: Leveraging Games for the Discovery of Technical Innovations

For more information, check out LEEF2010.


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  1. Matt said:

    I wish I could get up there – Alternative Reality Games for Learning sounds very interesting, I almost picture it as webquests on steroids, but I bet there’s more to it!

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