There's Still Time to Apply

denhero150.jpgThe deadline to apply for the DEN National Institute this summer is April 12 at 5PM (Eastern Time)!  If you are even thinking about it, why not take a chance and apply.  It is a fantastic experience where you can learn from the best.

If you are thinking about applying but are a bit uncertain, I thought I would recount a bit about my experience.  I had been a STAR for a year or two and really hadn’t been that active in the DEN when I read about the National Institute.  It sounded great!  However, I am not a technology expert.  I am a classroom teacher who loves to learn and tries to use technology to engage and motivate my students.  While I was a bit intimidated and knew no one who was there, I was quickly put at ease by the friendly greetings of the Discovery Staff.  Very quickly we were grouped with others from our state and region, so I quickly met a few others.  (I was the only one from Massachusetts.)  I learned so much that week.  I learned from experts, I learned from peers,  and I learned that there was a whole world out there of committed, energetic, and knowledgeable educators who care as much as I do.

Go on … give it a try … APPLY!


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