Education and Politics

Is it any wonder that the main talk on educator’s minds is the ‘Pay for Performance’ raises or the stop of the ‘FCAT’ by using year-end exams?  With both of these topics come much angst and worry, as well as, a hip hip hooray.  Depending on which issue we are talking about directly, will skew your opinion to be on one side of the fence or even steven.

If the FCAT is stopped being used as the measure of growth in the child’s learning, while year-end exams show specific demonstration in subject areas, should the teacher not get paid based on raising of the test scores from Pre to Post? It would seem that now students will get tested on the knowledge for the expected year, rather than on a lot of little benchmarks that should be met in a specific given year.

With year-end exams being used, teachers can get down to business of their actual subject area and ‘teach to the exam’.  Or is all of this a moot point and all we are doing is replacing the one big “FCAT’ with a lot of smaller ‘fcat’ tests??

Some teachers have asked ‘Why shouldnt we get paid for our students results?’, while other teachers have said ‘Basing our pay on student performance is unfair between the grades and subjects’.

What is your opinion on this subject and which of the above questions would you have an answer for?


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