Using music to soothe the soul!

How many of you have used music in your classroom to stimulate learning, introduce new concepts, or to even bring certain times and thoughts back into your life?

Music is a way to create an ambiance in your classroom that is conducive to learning.  If you were to open your classrooms and listen to the outside world, it is full of sounds that make up the music of the every day living.  Sounds such as crickets, motorcycles, train whistles, car horns, sirens, people talking, cell phones ringing…. and many more.

You can even hear the birds singing to their own beat and dogs barking out a symphony if you listen long enough.

Have you ever listened to a song on the radio while driving home and it transplanted you into another time, where you could hear and smell and feel it all, as if it was happening right at that moment? One of those songs for me is ‘Can’t Fight this Feeling’ by REO Speedwagon…. it reminds me ofwhen I was serenaded during my high schoolyears!

While I taught 6th grade Science at a Middle School in Central Florida, I introduced many new concepts using songs from the radio, made up songs, and other various types of music.  While teaching the students the new song, I would do hand motions and or a little dance, to help them remember certain steps/words to the idea.

One of the greatest rewards is seeing a student do the wiggling and jiggling while taking the unit test, because they know the answer is in the song somewhere!

Discovery Education has many songs to choose from to help you introduce a topic.  For example, in math, I went to Discovery Streaming and typed in the subject area ‘Math Songs’ than filtered it out by songs only and received a result of 34 songs.  These songs ranged from K-12 in levels and subjects within math.

Go try it now, check out what songs you can use in your classroom, any subject and also look for video music as well as wav files!

Please tell me what songs you use specifically and/or what song you use to teach your topics now.


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  1. Nancy Keck said:

    I totally agree that music plays an important role in the classroom… The Den pre-event at 2010 Fetc featured Dr Lodge McCammon. His presentation showed how video and music can be incorporated into the classroom. Lodge has written many songs for different content areas and created many lessons on slide videos for each song. His website is a great resource…

  2. Tim Childers said:

    Thanks for reminding us about the music in Discovery Streaming and how it can be utilized in the classroom. Music is one of those under-rated aspects of Streaming that few know about, but everyone can benefit from!

  3. Cheryl Watford said:

    Hello Nancy, thank you for the links for Dr Lodge… I so loved making the music video, it was fun and entertaining and I also can remember the tune/words! Dr Lodge has written many songs for Discovery Education!!

  4. Cheryl Watford said:

    Good Day Tim… music is something that we all hear and have in our life, but your right, it surely is underrated! I hope you find some great resources for your classroom!

  5. Mary Z. Cox said:

    Try “Drumming On the Edge Of Banjo”
    It’s instrumental and the pace of the tunes invites stimulation and creativity and the cd is quite calming as a whole.
    Take a listen–suitable for any age or cultural group. 🙂

  6. Judy Williams said:

    Thanks for the great information! I too need to remember the great music source Discovery offers!

  7. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    I also use Slim Goodbody’s Deskercise that is in DE Streaming Plus. They are theme-based with content sneakily put into quick exercises. These are great when my 2nd graders need a quick body break!

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