Sharing Files on the Internet

One thing many teachers do very well is share their great ideas with other teacher. The DEN helps make connections with other teachers who have those great ideas and, in turn, feed your creativity.

Sharing ideas can easily be done via email or Twitter, but what about the student products or teacher examples? File sharing can be tricky today because the files we wish to share can often be very large and unwieldy. Let’s look at a few alternatives for file sharing today!

Discovery’s Mediashare

Mediashare is an additional service within Discovery’s product line. It’s a very powerful way to put your documents, presentations, and media online for other teachers to view or download. The short video below is of Discovery’s great Justin Karkow and his explanation of Mediashare.  Oh, and it’s embedded here from Mediashare!

This filesharing service is free for the first 100M you upload. You can upgrade that easily, or just get multiple drops for additional storage. The drops can be named something memorable, can have different levels of access permission, convert media to flash, and make it very easy to embed in any website you have access to. Below is a Google Map animation of the hike trail through the wonderful Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, Texas.

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

Google Docs

Google will soon have an online app that will wash your clothes for you. But until then, they keep adding features to their current Docs product. It’s free and integrated into all of the other Google offerings. Not too long ago, they allowed the ability to upload any file type, up to 1024M in size. There are no neato embed tools, but it’s easy sharing for download purposes.

Go Forth and Share!

These are three of the many filesharing services online. These three are particularly safe and easy to use. Do you have another service you like? Leave us a comment and ‘share’ with the Texas DEN community.


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  1. Rebekka Stasny said:

    Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of I’ll have to try it out. Google Docs are blocked at our district – does anyone else have this problem?

  2. Howard Martin said:

    Rebekka, Austin has Google pretty open. A few schools have even setup their own apps account for intra-school document sharing.

    Google does have some ‘help’ docs online that are specifically meant for educators to use to support the use of Google Docs in education. You may find some helpful info at:

    Good luck!

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