Mapping the DEN Story

The DEN is getting geared up for the Spring and we are looking for a creative way to visually tell the DEN story. We looked to our DEN Guru for Professional Networking, Lee Kolbert.

We decided that we wanted to map out the reach of the DEN and found a great example from Lee.

We invite all DEN STARs to place themselves on the map by clicking here and include the following information in their placemark:

1. Name
2. Professional Role
3. Where can we find you online? (Twitter, blog, wiki, etc.)
4. How has the DEN impacted your professional practice?

View The DEN in a larger map

If you aren’t sure how to add yourself to this map, please visit Lee Kolbert’s blog for instructions.


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One Comment;

  1. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    I did something like this for out DEN members for Michigan and printed it out in poster size for our state tech conference in March. I used and it was a great visual to have at the Discovery booth in the vendors hall.

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