I got to kick off Discovery Education’s 4 week series of webinars for the NetGenEd Project yesterday. Hall Davidson and I will be taking turns every Wednesday in April talking about various aspects of student video making. My webinar on writing and good  preparation through storyboarding is already archived on their site. I know it can be a tough sell to students who just want to grab a camera, shoot and then jump on a computer and start editing. But good stories need preparation and structure. You can access my archived webinar at their Elluminate site. And the upcoming schedule is:

April 14th, 9pm EDT: Big Picture and Budgeting with Hall Davidson
April 21st, 11am EDT: Sound with Joe Brennan
April 28th, 9pm EDT: Acting with Hall Davidson

The storyboard graphic is from the American Film Institute’s “21st Century Educator’s Handbook.”


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  1. Christine said:

    Storyboarding is so very important – we have a digital stories competition for Missouri FCCLA, I have answered many questions about storyboarding. I will be sharing this resource with our teachers soon!

  2. Brian said:

    Took a course on Digital Storytelling last summer with Joe. Great course, learned a lot from it. Storyboarding is a technique that I have long used in teaching – learned it from the old Disney Institute. It really helps students to focus on what they want to say and how they want to present it.

  3. Rick said:

    Do you guys use story maps as well? I found that having my students create a story map and then a story board has been very beneficial to the quality of their movies.

  4. Dennis Klaustermeyer said:

    I’ve taken classes on Digital Storytelling and Portable Video Production and Application from Wilkes University and we had a few assignments where we had to storyboard videos that we were creating. Doing the storyboard gave me a better sense of what I was trying to accomplish and how many different kinds of shots were going to be required to get the final effect. It helped me organize my thoughts and be a more effective user of the time that was allotted to do the project. It also helped me reinforce my learning about the kinds of framing shots and angle shots that exist in the world of taking videos. Storyboarding is simply that important!

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