A challenge…adding time on task to an assignment.

clock_face.pngOne of our DEN Stars, Al Parnell from Chino Valley, makes great use of the assignment builders and the “my classroom” feature. He also serves a few homebound students. I’ve forwarded his question to DE for some more advanced help, but then thought I might get some answers & creative solutions from the readers of this blog. Put your thinking caps on…

Still working with Discovery products and IDEAL and had a question- is there any way to put into an assignment or quiz anything that could let me know time on task?This would be helpful for me for monitoring my homebound students as well as seeing when a student gets a low score whether it was due to the fact that he took a 50 question quiz in 2 minutes.I was trying to visualize some widget that could be added via the html function in the editor. Do you think that could help? What would you suggest? I’m finding DE to be very responsive to improvement suggestions, but I’ll bet an AZ educator could find a solution to this challenge.

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