Professional Development

It is that time of year to either make sure you have all your professional development hours or planning for next years hours.  Arkansas requires 60 hours, so that means educators are always planning and scheduling. Discovery has several webinars taking place right now and are scheduled through June. A certificate of attendance is sent to you via email after the webinar. A quick suggestion, don’t think you already know everything about certain topics. There are always techniques, or ideas that someone shares during the webinar. You also have an opportunity to make connections with other educators across the US. 

Discovery doesn’t stop there! Take a look at the Interactive Training section in DE Streaming.  After the wonderful learning experience, or if you just need a refresher course, you receive a certificate of Achievement to show for those professional development hours. Thanks Discovery for giving us an extra kick!


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  1. Judy Williams said:

    How great that professional development can be completed throught Discovery webinars. Wish it was so in our state!

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