Traveling with Technology – What to take on vacation?

Last week I was packing for a trip to San Antonio, TX.  I would be gone for a week so I needed to think about what I needed.  Hotel reservations were made months ago and when I book a hotel I only stay where I can get free Internet. I find it outrageous that some hotels are still charging for Internet.

It is decision time what to take, first which computer? My work laptop NO it is old, slow, and weights about as much as a cinder block. MAC Book not this time.  That leaves my hp Mini or Tablet.  The Mini is light but, I have my iTouch synced to the Tablet so it is the Tablet.  Now for all the other stuff iTouch, digital camera, PD A, cell phone, and everything needs a cable for charging.  Oh ya I will need “POWER TOGO” just in case of an emergency when I need power. It is battery pack made by Black & Decker.  You can plug in one USB device and one standard plug and it will keep things running for 9 hours.  With everything fully charged I was ready to go but, I need one more thing my portable  Belkin mini surge protector there are never enough plugs in a hotel room.  The mini Belkin allows me to plug in 3 devices with standard plugs and 2 USB devices.  Things I never leave home without are my POWER TO GO and my  Belkin mini.

When traveling take some time and think what you will need while you are away.  A little planning can make your trip a memorable one.


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  1. Brenda said:

    On my trip over Spring Break, I only took my iTouch. I was lucky to find WiFi in many locations. I was able to read email and news. YELP was a terrific for finding great places to eat. Finally I relaxed listening to books I uploaded inot iTunes. I took my Belkin USB and car charger too.

  2. David Andrade said:

    I only need my Palm Pre+. I can check my itinerary, find restaurants, get directions, check email, surf the web, and even play some games. I can also check the news, local weather, and so much more.

    I don’t see the need to bring anything else on vacation. I mean, I’m on vacation…no working allowed.

  3. Elaine Plybon said:

    I’ve recently been trying to just get along with my phone. I can do all the basics – check email, take notes, look for restaurants and directions. This keeps me from worrying about losing a laptop or one more charger, plus I’m not carrying anything heavy around with me when I’m at conferences.

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