More Cyberbullying Information at the Student Level

Our school also hosted Dr. Elizabeth Englander from the MARC Center of Bridgewater State College on April 1 to give a presentation to our teachers.  The MARC center not only offers valuable resources for teachers and parents, but also provides assemblies and a peer training and leadership to students to become models and leaders in their own schools.  With a core group of students being trained as to how to change the climate of the school, you can empower your students to help to prevent the effects of bullying on a student level.  Students are best at identifying the problems and can raise the awareness of these areas with teachers.  This program has been a valuable key to help students create a dialog of potential problems and areas that teachers and administrators need to be focused on.  Led by graduate students, this program serves as a great benefit and powerful tool to students in Middle and Secondary schools to provide them with the role models necessary, while reducing the costs to schools for these programs.  Student Youth Summits are another positive key provided by MARC to further the research in the prevention of bullying within our school environments.

Two other valuable resources for teaching about the dangers of cyberbullying and Internet Safety as a whole are:

The more information we can pass on to our students at younger levels, the more effective our prevention of these problems will be.


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  1. Rebekka Stasny said:

    Thanks for sharing these links. Recently in local Florida news there have been several incidents with cyberbullying that have turned into violent crimes. I feel that it is important to share this information with our students so they understand the possible dangers associated with the Internet.

  2. Beth Weeks said:

    I love the interactive videos with Netsmartz kids… my kids ask to talk to Clicky every time they come in my lab!!!

  3. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    Thank you for posting information/resources on cyber-bullying. You can never have too many GOOD resources.

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