Two Great Days…So Many Great Ways

On April 9, 2010 the Discovery Education team hosted 100 Administrators from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia for an Administrative Day of Discovery

Throughout the day we sought to answer these essential questions:

  • As administrators how do you facilitate the shift from the students as viewers to students as producers?
  • How do you prepare your students for their 21st century education and career goals?
  •  In short, how can we engage our students and encourage them to power up instead of power down?

To answer these questions, and facilitate this discussion, the Discovery Education team has partnered with educators from around the region to deliver an Administrative Day of Discovery at Discovery Communication’s World Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. Dr. Hite, Superintendent of Prince Georges County Public Schools and Lance Rougeux, Director of the Discovery Educator Network, framed the day by comparing and contrasting a powered-up versus a powered down environment.
If the Keynote served as the “What?” than the fast paced, interactive sessions that followed served as the “How?”  They included topics such as:

  • Turning Data into Action – Interpreting Your Discovery Education Media Usage
  • Consumer To Creator – The Student as Both the Learner and the Teacher
  • The Digital Classroom – Differentiating Instruction With Your Digital Tools
  • Construct, Create, Collaborate – Using Digital Storytelling to Engage all Learners
  • The New Age of Science Instruction
  • Web 2.0 For Administrators

Hall Davidson, Director Discovery Educator Network, concluded the day with a provocative and thought promoting closing keynote entitled “Let’s Go Beyond the Textbook”

It must be said that these two days could not have been delivered without the dedication and support of our Discovery Education Network Leadership Council Members; Heather Hurley,  Fred Delvanthal, Renee Henderson and Eileen Malick.  Thank you so much for sharing your time and wisdom with us!

On April 10, 2010 180 educators from around the region converged on Discovery Headquarters for their own Day of Discovery.  The goals of the day were very similar to the Administrator day.  However, each educator had the chance to participate in Hall’s keynote and 18 different concurrent sessions!   The excitement ran high throughout the day but prizes including Discovery Kids Video Cameras, Mythbuster Pop-ups and Tee-shirts added to the day’s buzz.

If you would like to access any or all of the presentations delivered over the two days please click on the presentation link

We have been receiving lots of “Thank You” emails and we do appreciate them – keep them coming!  Here are two of our favorite so far:

“Thank you! Thank you!  The Day of Discovery was truly that a day of wonder. This was the best training I have ever been to.  I want more—the day ended too soon.  You guys do a fabulous jobs with teachers which I know in turn helps our children.  Again thank you and your team for the wonderful day.

Cassundra Mitchell

Summit Hall Elementary

“I had an excellent day, although by 3:20, I began feeling a bit as though my brain had been crammed with lots of great information.”
Popsy Kanagaratnam

Along that line…we’d love to have your feedback too.  Can you please help us refine our Days of Discovery by filling out this survey form?

If you would like to print your personalized certificate for the day please click on the certificate link


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