Earth Day Celebration with Philippe Cousteau

phillippeYesterday the Siemens STEM Academy hosted an amazing webinar with Philippe Cousteau.  More than 15,000 students were in attendance to hear him share his thoughts on how the growth of the environmental movement has created positive impacts for our planet, and how students have the power to make a positive difference over the next fifty years.  If you missed it, don’t worry!  We’ve got you covered.  The archive of the webinar has been posted already on the Siemens STEM Academy website.

Oh, and while you’re there, there’s two other things you might want to be sure to do. You only have two days left to apply to the STEM Institute that will be taking place over the summer, so get your applications in quickly!  And don’t forget to register for some of the other incredible STEM webinars that are on the schedule.


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  1. Tracy said:

    This was a fantastic webinar and opportunity for the students in Mrs. Smart’s class in Schenectady NY. Before the webinar we watched DEstreaming’s The Ocean’s Deadliest. During the webinar the students felt like they were really able to have a discussion with a celebrity! The students really learned a lot about trying to save and protect our ocean habit. Thank you Discovery!

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