Make a Difference on Earth Day with EarthEcho International

Have you decided what to do for Earth Day? EarthEcho International is offering an exciting opportunity for you and your students to make a positive difference this April 22…or anytime during the year! Visit the Water Planet Challenge Preview Site for a service-learning guide for middle and high school students that walks them through the steps of a community cleanup, as well as resources and reporting tools. Already doing a clean up? Be sure to log on to the system to report your findings, so that we can get tell one big story about the big impact created by all of your individual efforts.

Just this week thousands of educators and students had the pleasure of participating in a webinar with EarthEcho International CEO, Philippe Cousteau.  What a great way to say thanks to Philippe and his organization by encouraging your students to check out the Water Planet Challenge.

(Posting from DEN Weekly Update 4-16-2010)


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