DoD at the Biltmore Live!

We will be broadcasting live today from the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC!  You can find us on Ustream.TV here.  Here is the agenda for our day:

9:00 – Welcome and Introduction (Justin Karkow and Jennifer Dorman)

9:10 – Spring Forward with Discovery Education (Jennifer Dorman)

10:00 – Back to School in 2010 (Justin Karkow)

10:30 – First Breakout Session (DE Streaming in Language Arts and Social Studies)

11:30 – Lunch (off air)

12:30 – Second Breakout Session (DE Streaming in Science and Math)

2:10 – A Visit from the Biltmore Education Team

All video will be archived and available on the website linked above.

Join us!


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  1. Tracy said:

    Wow! What a terrific place to have a day of Disovery. If I do say so myself, we’ve found some pretty terrific venues to host DOD’s!

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