EdTechConnect with Temple Grandin Webinar Archived

Posted by Brad Fountain on the DEN National Blog.

What an amazing webinar with Dr. Temple Grandin last night!! Dr. Grandin provided those in attendance with an insight into what it is like to view the world as an autistic person as well as tips for teachers on how to support students with autism or Aspergers. In addition, the DEN showed it’s true powers as teachers from across the country shared strategies with each other and developed a support structure for teachers in need by sharing email contacts and resource links throughout the presentation.

One of my favorite stories from the night came from the father of an autistic son who at one point typed his name into the chat window. His father followed his son’s typing by informing us that his son had been participating in the webinar the entire hour and as his father said “And he only had one little breakdown, but quickly wanted to come back!”

If you would like to view of the archive of the webinar with Dr. Temple Grandin you can view it below or download it. You can also download Dr. Grandin’s PowerPoint from Discovery Education MediaShare.

Thank you to Dr. Temple Grandin for her insightful presentation and for everyone who participated in the event.

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