Plugged In!

In my position as K-12 Media Specialist for our district, I sometimes conduct sessions for students regarding Internet safety. This past week, I shared a multimedia presentation from an incredible resource ( with the entire 6th grade class. I started out by asking the students to cheer whenever they saw a form of media on the screen that they used on a regular basis. The presentation included tools like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and cell phones. I have a son in 6th grade who I know regularly uses these tools, but I wasn’t sure if that was the case for the majority of his classmates. Let me just say that there was basically continuous applause as the logos for these tools appeared on the screen. These kids are plugged in! Their lives are electronic, dynamic, and virtually always… virtual… already in the 6th grade!

If you’ve read my earlier blogs, you know that Shepherd High School is seriously looking at the educational uses of social media such as Facebook. In addition, we are studying cell phones in the classroom. I recently ordered the book Toys to Tools: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education by Liz Kolb as a resource for this. Please share your experiences in helping students to get plugged in at your school! The resources available to students and teachers today is endless, so please help us to focus on the best tools and resources that you have found and put into practice.


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  1. Beth Weeks said:

    Love the interactive videos with Clicky and Nettie and Webster at Netsmartz kids… my kids always want clicky to come back and talk to them again!!!!

  2. Andy Mann said:

    Kristi, thanks for sharing.

    Be sure to check out the NetSmartz section for educators (the URL is not well communicated.) The site is: On this site educators can download high quality versions of all the Netsmartz videos along with discussion guides. This is a different page from the educator’s page, linked to from the site.

    My my cyberbullying presentations I’m using some cell phone/sexting videos such as the Ad Council videos on YouTube. Check out these two: and

    I also use resources from a site called: with some great animated cartoons on sexting prevention.

  3. Kristi Bush said:

    Thank you for all of these ideas, folks! I will look them over and share them with the staff here at Shepherd!


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