Spring Training: Will you earn a signing bonus?

recyclingkit.JPGWe’re deep into the heart of Spring Training right now and STARs around the globe are busy beefing up their DEN Activity Level (DAL)!  Don’t forget though, you also have the opportunity to earn two different signing bonuses!

  1. After you calculate your DAL, host an event on your home field and share some of the 20 challenges with your teammates.  You don’t have to share them all, but your DEN coaches certainly would be impressed if you did. Then report your DEN Spring Training event and receive a set of three DEN recycling bags perfect for creating a recycling station in your classroom.
  2. Pad your stats by uploading at least one resource to the DEN Educator Resources library.  Tell us what you uploaded, give us your uniform size and we’ll send you a Discovery Education “Beyond the Textbook” t-shirt.

Just in case you need a refresher on how to upload resources to the library, here’s a quick screencast walking you through the process.


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