Organize and Socialize: Diigo

Have you ever found a great site and saved it as a bookmark on your computer? Then the next time you needed it you weren’t at your computer and couldn’t find it. Do you go to conferences and hear of great sites and ideas and have a hard time organizing them? Do you ever feel like you don’t have time to search the internet for all the great new ideas out there? There is a solution! Diigo!!  

Many people have heard of Diigo but don’t know if it really works. It is the best organizational tool for websites so far. Not only can you save and organize your bookmarks to a place where you can find them on ANY computer, you can also do some social networking and share your finds or borrow others’ finds. Discovery Education Network also has a group you can join and follow the finds of other DEN members. It is like you have over 100,000 research partners looking for great ideas for you to use! Check it out and search for the DEN in groups! You will walk away with more ideas than you thought possible. 

Wondering how to get started? Go to When you set up your account go to my groups and search for Discovery Education. It will even give you the option of receiving email updates of the cool links your colleagues have found. You are able to customize how frequently you receive these emails. Go to Diigo and enjoy the social networking and bookmarking site! 


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  1. Anne Truger said:

    I have played around with Diigo, but I am still trying to figure out why I should stop using delicious…any thoughts DEN?

    ~Anne T

  2. Howard Martin said:

    Diigo is such a powerful tool. We made the mistake last year of sharing with teachers as a social net tool and the bookmarking was downplayed.

    For me, the bookmarking alone is worth the time of learning Diigo. I use it as with an RSS feed and send it right to the sidebar of my kids’ website.

    Your blog is a great reminder! Thanks.

  3. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    Although I have both a Diigo account and a Delicious account, I like using Diigo. Since its inception I was hooked and have gotten several teachers using it as well.

  4. Rebekka Stasny said:

    I love Diigo – I had tons of websites bookmarked and when I updated my computer, all of my bookmarks were erased. Now I bookmark everything using Diigo so I don’t have that problem. Its great to be able to access your bookmarks from anywhere too, since I am usually on another computer when I just can’t remember that really cool website that I visited.

  5. Deb Thomson said:

    I have been using Delicious, but I plan to follow your suggestion and search Diigo to see what has been bookmarked under Discovery.

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