Connections, Conversations, and Collaborations: Creating a Personal Learning Network That Works For You

Connections, Conversations, and Collaborations: Creating a Personal Learning Network That Works For You
Lee Kolbert, DEN Guru, Palm Beach County, FL

Thanks to the influx of social tools on the Internet, educators are becoming increasingly empowered to control their learning environment. We are no longer limited by the physical proximity of colleagues to discuss issues and develop professionally since the wisdom of the masses is as close as a computer. Social networks, such as the Discovery Educator Network, can be synchronous or asynchronous and allow us to connect with each other. In this session, we will explore the DEN, as well as, Twitter, FaceBook, Ning and other online tools where you can reach out to connect and build your own Personal Learning Network, tailored to your needs.


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  1. Dorothea Hackett said:

    The PLN sounds great! I love the idea of having these resources available whenever I am able to access them. We are in the last 9 days of school which are always stressful. I can’t wait to look more closely at this over the summer.

  2. Tally Burkhart said:

    PLNs are great tools for communication, and keeping up on the latest in education, all across the world.

  3. Neene said:

    Establishing a PLN has been a great experience. Between Facebook, Twitter, and the DEN I find my PLN has grown quite heartily. The important part of PLN is the P. It needs to be personal. I recently blogged (skip down to my third session recap). I realize my PLN may contain many well known educators. But I have a personal relationship with these individuals. Many I have the pleasure to call friends. That is the amazing part. People everywhere who may or may not have met forming personal relationships and growing and developing together.

  4. Dorothea Hackett said:

    Just watched the video. Lots of great ideas; however, I am still concerned of the privacy issue – even in planting a pin on the map with the bio info. Are any of these sites other than Twitter DEN member only?

  5. Jamilah Jones-McLean said:

    Come to find out, I had already been working on my PLN this whole time! I liked DEN on Facebook a year ago and I signed up for the DEN Newsletter months ago. I’m well on my way!

  6. Delsia Easley said:

    I use Twitter daily. I began using Twitter to chat with other moms. As soon as I changed my bio to say k-5 principal, my PLN began growing. No matter the topic, someone on Twitter can help.

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