Beyond A Make-Believe Story: Monjan's Making History

MATT MONJAN DEN PRECON PETE&C 2010Image by girlwithpearls22 via Flickr

If I had to count the ways and reasons I love Discovery, I wouldn’t have enough fingers and toes. Let’s just say they deliver on demand the best everything in educational technology. Then multiply it exponentially and you begin to get close to how phenomenally good the DEN and its account managers are. It is really hard to think of them as administrators, executives and the like; they are our friends and every day they make us better at what we do by challenging us with extraordinary content, ideas, and you name it for whatever I’ve missed.

Matt Monjan gave an amazing and simple (operative word here) to follow presentation on Homework Gone Digital at the DEN PreCon @PETE&C 2010. I blogged it and I got it. Then, he reworked the same presentation and reinvented it, dedicating it to his son, in rhyme and inside a fairytale of his creation. (I’m betting that his son will be creating assignments with the Builders in, well, about a year from now.) It is absolutely wonderful. It’s too good not to steal and use, and that’s just what I am going to do. Imagine the possibilities for your students as creators of content using this format to deliver, let’s say a history project on a war, revolution, famous person, or a what if scenario (way cool) in rhyme inside a fairy tale. Or a science assignment on a difficult concept made simple by the format.

And that’s what is so brilliant about Matt’s ground-breaking presentation. It doesn’t fly like Presi, doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles to compete with content. It just does solid stuff in a wonderfully different format. It reinvents itself for the need at hand. I LOVE IT. You will too.

Here’s the link
to Matt’s presentation. Just think about the possibilities for your students. Or if you are an Instructional Coach, imagine the ways you could modify this presentation to fit a teacher’s classroom and learning readiness for technology integration.

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