More File Format Conversion for Free

While I was perusing on the Connecticut blog, I came across the following post from Gary Webster.  This is a great tip that could help many of you….


Steve’s on the money.

If you’ve ever tried to insert video into PowerPoint, you know the wrong format can make it impossible.

Even AVI files don’t always make the grade.

And if you use a Flip camera on a PC, you’re not going anywhere with the Mac friendly MP4 fies it produces.


So, at the risk of playing one-uploads-manship with Steve, here’s yet another way to fix your video compatibility woes:


This free download that does so many things, also converts video to the .wmv format PowerPoint likes.


Here’s the procedure:

If the movie is anywhere on your computer (like, say, the Desktop) Picasa finds it.

In Picasa’s library, double-click it, and then click the Export button in the window that opens.

In almost no time at all, you’ll find you new .wmv video in a new Picasa folder called Exported Video.


That’s it.

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  1. Emily Mann said:

    It is certainly a Google world and it’s good to be a Google Gal. I have really been appreciating all the features of Picasa of late and love that I can use it on my Mac. I will have to try getting the .wmv conversion to work, if necessary, because I don’t have Keynote on this Mac. I am curious the other formats it can handle. We may not need Zamzar anymore.

  2. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    I haven’t really played with Picassa and wasn’t aware that did video conversion. I will definitely check this out. Thanks.

  3. omejames said:

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