Introducing Massachusetts STAR Educator Angelo Rota, West Springfield

picture_1.pngI am the Educational Technology Coordinator for West Springfield, formerly a mathematics teacher and network administrator. I’ve been working with the WSPS district for five years, and we have come a long way technologically – especially in the area of IWB’s. We currently have 75 district-wide, at all levels G1-G12, in all schools. We are also expanding our use of ELMO’s and the SMART Response System.

Of course we like Discovery, and the videos and resources they provide. It’s using them very appropriately within the framework of the IWB that really adds to their power! With the latest changes to the DE website, teachers a getting even more excited. We are now holding training sessions to especially delve into the usage of teacher classrooms, and building assignments, quizzes, and writing prompts.  Very cool.

The DEN really provides many fresh ideas to consider and try out – both I with my teachers, and they among themselves. Being a STAR Educator also allows me to expand on the DEN features.

We applaud all of our STAR Educators!


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