National Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week (May 3-7) is National Teacher Appreciation Week.

What are you doing for Teacher Appreciation Week (besides teaching)?

Be sure to visit the DEN blog every day to check out all the fun planned for our STARs.


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  1. Tracy said:

    I can’t wait either. Last year was so much fun, with some great “swag”. Looking forward to this year.

  2. Dorene Bates said:

    This will be my first National Teacher Appreciation Week with DEN. I am looking forward to it.

  3. Beth Weeks said:

    Fun week as always with Discovery!!! It is great to be a STAR and be treated like one!!
    Discovery you rock!!!!

  4. Tracie Belt said:

    Teachers need to be appreciated in May. It encourages them to keep their enthusiasm up in the last month of school.

  5. Felix Lazaro said:

    I am so grateful for the DEN for putting up this very important forum where we could learn and be counted! Keep it up!

  6. Carol neves said:

    Wow! The Prezi account is wonderful! What a neat and useful tool! Thanks Discovery and Prezi! I can’t wait to get presenting!

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