Past event reviews…future event reminders

Four f2f sites in Arizona recently hosted the DEN National (global actually!) Virtual Conference on Saturday, April 24th. Participants attended at Cartwright, Deer Valley, Flagstaff and Snowflake.

If you missed the event, or wanted a review from a session you particularly enjoyed, the following links may be helpful.  Scroll to the bottom of the former registration page to see archived links to some of the presentations.

More links to archived presentations are included here , scroll down to the article “A DEN Virtual Conference Report from Canada”. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the link to Lee Kolbert’s presentation to open, but I highly recommend “Homework Gone Digital” and “When you’re not the smartest person in the room  in the two paragraphs below in Matt’s blog.

Photos from the Snowflake event are posted below. We had a great time, lovely lunch, and were close to “overload” with all that we learned during the day.

Many DEN Star members will be presenting at the May 1 WOW Conference in Glendale. For more info  You’ll be able to pick up even more tips about IDEAL and DE.

Here’s one tip: please tell a friend about updating their IDEAL account before June 1. We don’t want any AZ educators to experience an interruption in their service.


Enjoying a windy spring, Vicki   (click thumbnail to enlarge)

snowflakede.jpg wht_mtnde.jpg



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